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I was on the phone explaining this spiritual truth to a client when Dolf Cheng sent me this distressing poster. Sometimes I think he hears me talking.1

The lady had eye issues due to stress and panic attacks. I was explaining the spiritual awareness to light when the third eye begins to see incoming information. Panic will cause an increasing (enlarging) of the pupils in ones eyes to allow for more light to them. The eye will have more acute vision for seeing fighting happenings.  The frequency of the brain is called the nervous centers of the brain. They are always talking to each other in the H wave speaking in three fold language to each other.  The limbic center is the emotion wave which is hard to hold when the panic frequency is in sympathetic override.  It will travel high and low to be sure that it stays steady; remember the frequency of applying Young Living Essential oils.


The masters who have addressed this in the breath work have realized the limbic frequency they are holding for the person.  The minute the treatment is done and the patient walks out the door, the patients start to re-think the old frequency because it is what they know. The masters teach people how to let go of what no longer servers you. But the eye is still working, allowing the new change or panic of newness of energy to come in. The energy is thinking that it does not understand the new program. The human is “trying to release” and it is more important to release and let go of what no longer serves them.  So when the eye picks up more light than the brain can handle, it will release sympathetic over ride, creating panic.  The hormones set off a communication to try to help the eye rebalance.  The light of the new information is coming in too fast.  The change is what is upsetting the person.  The person is not allowing the incoming light to balance the mind-body internally; it makes the person feel immobilized!  The solution is to help the person help their power plant (body)? Incoming light needs balance to what they see; using essential oils will calm the incoming light to address the sympathetic over ride.  The example of over-ridge is fear of something that creates the actual panic attack.


My personal feelings are: people who are “seers” that are not admitting they can see or feel spiritual are the ones who get stuck in panic.  In working together, my granddaughter and I work out our panic together;  it only takes one word or words that I might write seems out of order into another order that she set ups to make me think it is out of order. This energy is neither right nor wrong is new and bright energy. Panic thinking happens when the light is to bring and we say we cannot communicate; untrue! We are creating at a higher level. The same information created in a new format is brighter, and working in a spiritual creation to express understanding.  Seeing information incoming in a different program causes the people to react, not respond.  The soul can learn to develop the words, “stop, I cannot handle this right now!” Humans are two souls creating, making the energy bigger and brighter.  New energy can make the person feel scared and out of control.  This might be what we call a negative shift, which is a positive change.  Essential oils can quickly change the feeling of fear into a moment of calm; White Angelica, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away are favorites of mine. Yes, your mind and body are allowed to say, “I cannot handle this right now.”  One can say, “I am just learning to see it in a different way.” The enlightening moment can wake up the soul; the soul is learning not to react to panic.  The reaction is something everyone does!  The soul has learned to apply a new tool of the oils to help the new response that is called responding. I teach my students to Stop! Shift! Act to respond in the new program. Even I will react to seeing my information in a different format because I have to make sure it is correct.


When the student understands that “seeing new incoming light,” they learn not to react to check to see what is new and using the oils not to get overwhelmed.  Smaller steps create the power in learning personal power; the process makes the experience powerful. The light wakes up the brain! The front brain, mid brain and hind brain gives and sends to each other all the time. The brain will try to take control; some people have learned to control and manipulate their life in behavior. How can we solve emotional over ride in one’s limbic region of the human? By teaching them that this is sympathetic emotional energy. Frequency can be about the breath, changing the thought and meditating daily.  In Young Living all over the world we are finding a way to use organic certified-Earth Kosher essential oil.  The pupils (eyes) will always increase the light in through the eyes to the brain.  Emotional stress always equals increased output by the sympathetic nervous system, which always equals the pressure of what the eyes see. A simple recipe is Stress Away; D. Gary Young created it for sympathetic over ride. I also use Valor and Peace and Calming.  Clairvoyance thinkers have new ideas and realize that it is normal, not abnormal! To help one to develop ones Clairvoyance thinking and seeing ability one should seek an advisory, coach, trainer or life coach that is a practiced Clairvoyant thinker.


I also use Believe essential, magnify thy purpose and envision personal power oils.  The Young Living oils can expand your thinking; give you new ways of feeling more positive moments.  D. Gary Young created many recipe books! D. Gary Young books and Dolf Cheng posters are practiced clairvoyant thinking.  My writing is an expression of my thinking which is not evaluated by the FDA. (Please check out my disclaimer so you know how to make up your own mind and added essential and clairvoyant thinking.)

Next month we will take about the heart frequency.  Thank you for the read!


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Collections and Recipes!


The new collection  of the Young Living Oils: Two from Taiwan, two from Japan and the others from Israel.

Old recipe for cleansing the body:  This will repel more than just disease.  It will repel the dark side.  I teach this if you’re my student.   Aloe Vera gel and black pepper: Take a spoon of the gel with studies showing an almost 85 percent effective rate of this disease.  Combine 7 oz. distilled water; 1 oz. Aloe Vera gel; 60 drops tangerine, grapefruit that help burp out toxins in the fat cells essential oil (or sweet orange).  Aloe Vera gel healed about 50% faster than those who didn’t.

Apparently it burns fat and raises the metabolic rate.  If you are prone to strains, make a blend using non-greasy aloe & seaweed gel with use 2 drops of pure essential oils per 5ml of base, use a glass ointment jar to store the synergistic blend with the warming spice oils of Ginger and Black Pepper combined with the Aloe Vera Gel. So, this could be Thieves that you use with the black pepper.  I would strongly advise orange oil as it will work with your blood sugar to keep your blood sugar even. Sweet oregano is growing in our Ecuador was on as this you could also do with the black pepper. Why, most times there is infection of some kind.  Bacteria, virus or fungal will hide in fat cells or deep in the spine and come out when the person is stressed.   E-mail ! She has a store and sells the Aloe Vera gel. Do this for 3 days first then each time you do this extending it a day; till you can do this for a month.   One can do the Para free with this.  Keep your food organic or no food at all.


Secret Recipe of Trisha: After each clearing and cleansing the Body:  Do a bath and balance the body to the soul with these oils:  This can be found in some health food stores but it also can be found at;  Use the red pouch soak in 3 cups of kosher real salt for 20 min in hot water in bath tub.  Then shower off and wash hair in with Lavender shampoo. Step out of the tub and place all these oils on your feet legs, buttocks, arms, chest and as much of your upper back as you can get, brain stem, front and back of neck, apply on face and slide through your wet hair. Put towel back on hair and sip a one oz.  glass of Frankincense  of 30 drops.  You will see and feel enlightenment like you never felt it.


Feel the burn!


Stop the burn do this till the burn is gone four to 6 times a day.

Place this on your ears, brain stem, feet, low back on your buttocks, on your heart and deep breathe the oils.

The burn you hand place lavender on them peppermint to pull the heat out of the area and then pan-away.

Headache place the lavender on first and then peppermint then the pan-away.

Twisting the ankle use peppermint then lavender and then pan-away.

Stress, frequencies and energy


This will remove the imprint on your DNA.   You can also do a proxy for someone in your home.  Essential oil Molecules are so small and energetic they can penetrate human tissue and pass through cell membranes.  Smelling oils goes to cells and the brain, crossing the blood brain barrier.

Eyes, Frankincense. Pituitary and Pineal and Hypothalamus, Sage. For your chest use R. C., Raven and Melrose. Neck and throat use Believe oil.  Bladder use lemon.  Lumbar Balsam Fir.  Lymph Cypress, Heart Joy. Hip and thigh Aroma Siez.  Sciatic Nerve: panaway.  Ear purification Liver Juva flex.  Stomach Di-Gize, Head and brain brain power and surrender.  Raindrop oils applied on the Spinal column all of them.  Do for 30 days and journal how you feel.

The therapeutic essential oils carry electrical charges or an electromagnetic frequency.  Essential oils are balancing and healthful, generate nanovolts of electricity at megahertz frequencies that are measurable.


Experiments showed holding a cup of coffee lowers one’s bodily frequency by 8 MHz.  Sipping coffee lowered the body’s frequency by 14 MHz.   If you Inhale essential oils [while drinking the coffee] you can restore the body’s frequency in less than minute, otherwise it takes 3 days. Coffee is like noise to the body’s change the frequency.


One of the Most Powerful Resonating Aspects of Essential Oils is their ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.  Dr. Allen talks about testing the blood brain barrier by putting your hand on the back of your head and have someone muscle test you.  Dr. Allen has found that essential oils help balance the brain.  The fastest way is to use essential oils.  Place copaiba just above each ear.  Copaiba will begin to raise that energy of the blood brain barrier so eventually there will be a higher energy.

Breathe it goes right to the brain called amygdale.  This center of limbic system stores and files all emotional experiences. Does not understand words and cannot be communicated with words.  Dr Allen started testing the gamma waves in the autistic children at the camp and found them to be around 1% to 2%.  She found that by raising the gamma waves in the amygdale to 100%, the autistic children stopped being picky about eating and began eating everything on the menu.

Dr. Allen discovered the magic of Idaho Blue spruce’s brain energy balancing effects by working with the balancing of one of her clients, Dan.   When they added Idaho Blue Spruce to an Emotional Clearing protocol with essential oils, the magic of Idaho Blue Spruce began to unfold.  When one placing the Idaho Blue Spruce; on the trauma point on the foot (Dr. Penoel).


MY oil website is

Dr. Allen learned though using Idaho Blue Spruce at her Brain Camp that IBS can help with Trauma & Trapped Emotions.  Brain camp Emotional Clearings showed remarkable, fast, permanent shifts in Brain clients with traumatic brain injuries, Traumas causing multiple emotional responses to life’s challenges, and Traumas causing a person to be split into several personalities. Idaho Blue Spruce Applied on Trauma point – Dr. Allen discovered a second trauma point on the brain point middle of forehead, at the hairline. Which help you re-program and think positively.  5

Emotional Trauma (Part 3)

Dr. Allen talked a about Bone balancing technique for broken bones.  You put right hand on back of head and hold for three days.


2010: I healed a broken elbow at the Radial head and it had been compounded factor. It did not break the skin but the doctors said that I had to give the arm and bone a chance to reduce the swelling.  So I was home in bed because I had fallen on my right knee while the knee hurt it just had a small amount of trauma.  For once I listened and did what they said.  But I had my oils lined up and on my bed side.  Healing the bone in 7 days and intuitive did what this doctor said to do.  But never heard his teaching until now this is 2013.  I used Frankincense, Paulo Santo, and Wintergreen and many more oils and the emotional clearing oils.  The 2nd week I was in Physical Therapy.  While you cannot really see that my arm is straight it is I can hold it straight out and rotate it so that my palm is straight up to the sky.  I worked hard in PT but the oils help me deal with the pain of working out and moving the arm to work with it in daily ritual.

The below picture is my mother and she fell and broke her knee and we had a hip to ankle cast on her knee because she was 93 years young. We took her back in the 2nd week to the doctor to get an extra and he said the bone is healed with no scare.


Ningxia Red was my favorite for my mothers’ care.  While she got oils daily 4 to 6 times a day for ritual and pain she wrote in her journal: Thank you Patricia for keeping me out of pain daily. She loved her Ningxia Red and would drink that before breakfast.

Over-production of cortisol will reduce interleukin2 (interleukin 2 is part of management of the immune system).  Without interleukin 2 the phagocytes, B-cells and T-cells, (which would normally attack and kill abnormal cells like cancers) misjudge the cells.  If you allow the chemical and bad food and gases live in your body and multiply, they turn into bad turning into abnormal cells. My favorite oil is orange 10 drop in 16 oz. of my glass water bottle.


Trauma leads to addictions:  the need to stimulate or medicate drugs, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, pornography, sugar, junk food, diet drinks, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco.  Please check my addiction page out.  I created this page years ago and am now using this on my web.  Sugar is the common denominator for addiction.  Heal the sugar addiction and you will have a patient that is well on their way to health.

Dr. Allen’s work at the brain camp is frequency and energy work using essential oils.

The Law of Vibration is like a pebbles thrown in a pond which creates vibrations that appear as ripples, which travel outward in a body of water, your thoughts create vibrations that travel outward into the Universe, and attract similar vibrations that manifest as circumstances in your life.

Trauma has a Vibration that is locked in the Cells.  You attract people with that vibration.  You can balance that vibration with frequencies.  In essence, everything in the world is made up of energy.  We are all constantly vibrating masses of microscopic particles that are always in motion.  Every object, person and organ has a healthy vibration rate called resonance.  If that vibration is out of resonance, ill health may result, addictions, emotional imbalances, and poor relationships.  These imbalances can be balanced with frequencies.  Essential oils are frequencies and will help balance the body along with emotional trauma clearing and prayer.

Unresolved trauma – and blocked emotions a root of Chronic Illness!

Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency.  Negative emotions cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. (You will find you are repelled by negative people.)  Negative emotion is nothing but an incompletely experienced emotion.  These emotions when stored in the cells of the body are the diseases.

Blocked Emotions = Blocked Energy

A significant percentage: of physical illness, emotional difficulty and self-sabotage are actually caused by unseen energies.

A major causative factor in physical and emotional difficulties can be blocked emotions which result in wrong assumptions, defensiveness, overreaction to innocent remarks, misinterpretation of behavior (are you misunderstood by your mate or co-workers), short-circuit relationships which interfere with body functions causing fatigue, pain, and illness.  Dr. Allen talks about using the emotional release work to find out things like “what are my blocks on fatigue”.  You can clear the fatigue and have more energy.



How to Tap into Blocked Emotions and Traumas?  The subconscious is like a computer capable of storing vast amounts of information.  It exerts a profound unseen influence over the things we do, how we behave and feel.  90% of brain is the subconscious mind, silent and constantly storing information and keeping body systems running efficiently.  It exerts unseen, profound influence over things we do, feel and how we react and behave.  Have you ever said “I want to change this ____”.  Dr Allen says this is the most profound information on how to change things.  She wants us to come back next year having cleared the blocks.

Blocked emotions create a vibration throwing a person off balance which contributes to fight and flight.  Also contributing to inability to resolve grief, conflict, find peace, and happiness.


When the body is treated the electric Magnetic field and energy center become organized! This will create a sound frequency and color frequency shift and change the 3 fold brain in giving and receiving as when as the heart frequency.  The person will feel a change!


Traumas & Blocked Emotions Don’t Go Away with Time.  These blocked emotions are wounds that time alone will not remove.  They cause us to act, react and feel the way we do in relationships. They can cause us to sabotage relationships too.  Do you self-sabotage?  The burden is lifted when the blocked emotion is release, which results in the release of trapped energy and emotional baggage equaling changes in feelings and behaviors.

Using the Resonance of Essential oils Clear Traumas – Blocked Emotions.  What is the mechanism for restoring emotional and physical balance to the cells Resonance?  “Essential oils resonate at various levels in organs and cells and even our thoughts and feelings.  Essential oils do not resonate with the toxins in our bodies, which is why they stir them up and drive them out.  The energy center call chakra will get tears and will get dirty and a person cannot clean them self with self-clearing.   When you cry, take your teardrop (tears are holy) and put it on your tongue and it becomes a Bach remedy with your oil it is an antidote. Tears are the Holy Spirit or the river of life healing when it is released.


Blocked Emotions Affect you for a Lifetime:  When blocked emotions are not released, one can feel pain such as a headache!  It can be triggered easily by someone or something that relates to that blocked emotion.  Have you ever wondered why you get so angry at a store clerk or someone?  Yet once that blocked emotion is released the person is no longer triggered.  They are freed.

Blocked Emotions link to Disease Process.  Dr. Bradley Nelson states “it is my experience that blocked emotions can exert an powerful influence over the tissues in the body”; “when tissues are constantly irritated pain can result”; “subtle malfunction can become a contributing factor to the disease process.” “every cancer patient I ever treated found to have trapped emotions embedded in the malignant tissues”

Blocked Emotions and Locked Traumas may be the most common type of imbalance that humans suffer from, implicated in nearly all human suffering.  Blocked emotions are epidemic and are an invisible cause of much suffering physically and emotionally.


Here are some oils that help change the in-print and help re-program your cells.  Trauma Life: on the brain stem.  Brain power: on the roof of your mouth. Exodus II behind your ears and on your toes and soles of your feet. Forgiveness: on your navel.  Surrender: on your heart and solar plexus.  Cedarwood on your crown and feet and heart for 30 days one two drops for advanced oil-ers you can place oils in the rectum for a fast release.

Emotions are energy.  Essential oils support getting to the root of the emotions which are at the very root of your being.  Emotions will make or break you.   Our emotions dictate what we accomplish.

The Molecules of Emotion: In her book, Candice Pert talked stated emotions link the mind and body.  It is in the limbic region of the brain the middle brain.  The molecules of emotion run every system in the body.  There is only one thing that will make or break you.  Who controls that emotion?  If you don’t control the emotion, you are out of control.


Answers for most distresses don’t exist within the system but the answers do exist in Alternative health today.  You have to get some training and learn how to use the essential oils.  There are no textbooks on what the oils can do.  Dr.  Allen has been getting together protocols for the essential oils.  The essential oils are frequencies.

The essential oils placed anywhere on the body is transdermal.  Essential Oils can reach every part of the body within minutes. Native say that the soles have the in-prints that are close to the soul.  Oils on the soles of their feet and taste it on their tongue in less than a minute.  Oils do not evaporate easily.  Oils that have unpleasant smell or irritation are related to some locked trauma (Cindy Culpepper came up with the following:  “I choose to release the trauma behind the trapped emotion of this smell that no longer serves me in a positive and productive way”.  Sometimes after three or four times the oil will start smelling sweet.  The oils talk to the frequency and fill in the cell that matches the blocked emotion.

Emotional Trauma (Part 2) – [Fight or Flight]

When a person lives in the Fight or Flight response; it will affect the physical part of our life.  The HPA Axis affects stress related issues and the longer we stay in a state of stress, the less able our bodies are able to adapt and cope.  Our bodies simply start to break down and we are faced with health consequences.  We also start to see challenges emotionally such as sadness, aggression, uncontrolled anger, our hearts close down, we lose our creative potential, we focus on fear rather than love, we lose our intuitive voice, we become overwhelmed, joy ceases to exist, and our choices are based on short-term survival rather than long-term prosperity.  Blue spruce can open us up.


Staying in this fight or flight tends to stimulate cortisol.  We have Lack of sleep, work stress, personality conflicts, Yo-Yo dieting, relationship turmoil, reliance on stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, digestive problems, Illness, infection or surgery, unresolved emotional issues, overwhelming responsibilities at home.

Use Stress Away!

Use Stress Away!

Some signs of being locked in the fight or flight mode: Perceive things as threats, overreact, defensive, fears are exaggerated, thinking is distorted, narrow focus to that which can harm us, fear becomes the lens which one sees life.  Again use Stress away and peace and calming with valor!


Emotional Trauma (Part 1)

Idaho Blue Spruce grows blue, distills pink!

Idaho Blue Spruce grows blue, distills pink!

One of the workshops at the Young Living Convention was Emotional Clearing:  using Idaho Blue Spruce with Dr. Allen.

What Dr. Allen is seeing as she does this Emotional work is that the trauma is anything that you reacted negatively to and the trauma gets stuck in your cells.  Without the use of the essential oils, even if you have done counseling or inner healing it is still stuck in the DNA.  The essential oils help allow those blocks to be released.

What are the signs of Trauma & Emotional Blocks?

Judging from the list below, it looks like we all may need emotional clearing.  Dr. Allen says counseling is not enough, you need to use essential oils to release the blocks.

  • Anxiety/panic attacks and phobias
  • Feeling disconnected and detached
  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Sadness
  • Fears, helplessness
  • Excessive worry
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Hyperactivity
  • Lack of focus
  • Mood swings
  • Anger outburst
  • Weight gain-cortisol imbalance
  • Extreme sensitivity to light or sound
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Loss of memory
  • Physical pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Abandonment
  • Accident (or accident prone)
  • Birth trauma (7 out of 10 are brain injured at birth, EMF waves of monitors for birthing)
  • Bonding break with parent (can affect every relationship in your life)
  • Constant criticism and judgment (you can take this script on from childhood – why am I so negative)
  • Anger and violence (Dr Allen says this is a kind of brain injury)
  • Rape (huge violation – strong imprinting on the body, shame, etc)
  • Incest
  • Sexual molestation
  • Car crash
  • Surgery medical or dental
  • Divorce (work on yourself or you will draw the same person to you)
  • Death of a loved one
  • War
  • Suicide of loved one (we always feel we could have done more)
  • Forced emigration or loss of homeland
  • Homeless
  • Illness
  • Torture
  • Accident and fall (even little falls get trauma locked in tissue)
  • Any experience that cause a threat to your life
  • Physically attacked
  • Experience of war
  • Financial hardship
  • Home or work stress
  • Miscarriage or abortion
  • Physical trauma
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Negative self-talk
  • Negative beliefs about yourself or others
  • Rejection
  • Long-term stress
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Internalization of feelings
  • Neglect or abandonment


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Pets & Essential Oils


Pets are a part of the family and need our help to stay happy with their emotion. That raindrop will help them and that they need emotional support just like us.

Animal Desk Reference: Oily Vet | Animal Desk Reference:

About Oily Vet Dr. Melissa Shelton is a holistic veterinarian and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Howard Lake, Minnesota.

Cats and Essential Oils: Cats should not be treated with citrus oils.  Cats have a weak liver it is small and Dr. Shelton told us that it would be wise not to treat with Citrus oils around your cat.


Family and Home Cleansing!


Cleansing, Detoxing, Diffusers, Essential Oils, Essential Oils Blends, Brian Power™, Citrus Fresh Essential Oils Blend, Essential Oils Singles, Copaiba, Essential Oils Singles, Neroli Peppermint, Rose which is 320 Mega Hertz’s, True Source has Glutathione in it.  Life 5 is able to fight step, staff and Definition

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that’s become resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat ordinary staph infections.

Most MRSA infections occur in people who’ve been in hospitals or other health care settings, such as nursing homes and dialysis centers. When it occurs in these settings, it’s known as health care-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA). HA-MRSA infections typically are associated with invasive procedures or devices, such as surgeries, intravenous tubing or artificial joints.

Family Health: Cold and flu can easily be stopped by Ningxia Red, Drinking Slique Tea, Life 5 and Inner Defense.  One of the new ideas I gain was nutrition should be kosher.  Change your eating and keep you frequency up with the oils.